Coconut Oil: Your Beauty Partner

Coconut oil is very gentle and nourishing for the skin, hair, lips and nails. Rich in antioxidants, it does wonders on dry ends and/or irritated skin.

A pure virgin coconut oil is not comedogenic; it is antibacterial and can help reduce signs of skin imperfections.

Coconut oil is a perfect make-up remover because its fatty acids can dissolve all makeup. Compared to the make-up removers sold in store, coconut oil does not burn the eyes.

Its nutrition and its various properties mentioned above make it perfect to soothe psoriasis, eczema, etc,. 


– To nourish: Apply directly to the skin, with clean hands
– After hair removal (shaving or waxing) apply to soothe the skin
– Apply to the hair like any other oil
– To remove makeup: apply on the face and gently massage until all the makeup dissolves then rinse and wipe out with a washcloth or sponge
– Mixed with other ingredients to make a natural deodorant or cream

Try it, you will love it! On The Roots Naturelle website you will find the coveted 100% Pure Coconut Oil (cocos nucifera) to add to to your daily hair and skin routine.