Abuja, Nigeria

Fueled by the desire to make healthy and beautiful hair accessible to all, International Beauty Care Company (IBCC) based in Los Angeles CA started The Roots Naturelle hair care line in 1998. Founded on one of life’s fundamental principles, starting with the source, The Roots Naturelle incorporates ancient African traditions coupled with modern  science to provide customers with the best natural products to promote hair growth, beauty, and strength.Our family owned business is dedicated to providing you, the customer, with a service that is unparalleled.

Ever-growing, IBCC brings you The Roots Naturelle products, a line that never strays from its natural roots. Our products are formulated to meet the needs of stylists and individual customers alike. Today the Roots Naturelle can be found in hundreds of beauty supply stores across the country.

For all your hair care needs, explore… get in touch with your Roots!